Franchising is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Australian economy and the most secure form of small business. According to the Franchise Council of Australia, more than 85% of all stand-alone small businesses fail within their first five years, but in franchising the success rate is the reverse – i.e. 85% of all franchised businesses are still operating after five years, and in most cases are still operated by their original owner. This proves the resilience and underlying profitability of franchises compared with independent small business.


Franchising is not a business in itself but a way of doing business. By following a proven recipe for success, plus applying your own local area knowledge and entrepreneurial flair, franchisees are able to build substantial businesses around the franchisor’s formula, and together both franchisee and franchisor can maximise market potential and customer opportunities.

What to expect as a Mr Globologist Franchisee

A Mr Globologist franchise is a low-cost business with the potential to generate very high returns, plus provide a lifestyle opportunity that is the envy of many. There are no special qualification requirements and no previous electrical experience needed in order to become a Mr Globologist franchisee. Mr Globologist is dedicated to the training and ongoing success of our franchise network.

As a Mr Globologist lighting consultant you’ll learn all the skills required to improve and maintain the lighting requirements for businesses. You will sell and install lamps and light fittings, provide lighting advice and set up maintenance programs. Ongoing and repeat programs can include services such as test-and-tagging while some sales jobs can be worth thousands of dollars for just one visit. You will acquire and build stable clientele and establish regular repeat business that will help your business grow. You will operate from a home base, but spend your days visiting retail shops and offices to review, install and upgrade their lighting needs.

As a Franchisee with Mr Globologist, you can take advantage of the massive potential of this business and never have to worry about job security again. You can now be in complete control of your financial future.

Franchising FAQ’s

Do I need any prior experience or special qualifications in order to become a Mr. Globologist Franchisee?

No, no prior experience or qualifications are required. Mr Globologist provides a 2 week, comprehensive in-field training program. You’ll be confidently up and running in no time.

What investment and ongoing fees are required from a Mr Globologist Franchisee?

All investment details, establishment costs and ongoing fees will be discussed in more detail during discussions. That being said, while most franchisors charge a 3% of Marketing fee on top of the standard 7% of Gross Sales, Mr. Globologist does not. As a Franchisee, you will only pay a percentage fee on Gross Sales.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The term of the Franchise Agreement is 5 years, with the option to renew for a further 5 years.

Which geographical areas are available for Franchising opportunities?

This will be discussed in more detail during your Introductory Call with a Mr Globologist representative however you will control an exclusive territory and all leads in your territory will be passed on to you.

Will the franchisor compete online with my business?

Mr Globologist does not retail products directly from the website. The franchisor will refer clients to the respective franchisee.

Can I source stock from my own suppliers or will I receive guidance on purchasing supplies?

Due to its buying power and long-term supplier associations, Mr Globologist purchases products directly from manufacturers and importers allowing us to offer lower rates, directly to our customers. Local electricians purchase their stock through electrical wholesalers and retailers, who add a profit margin then sell to the electrician who then puts on his margin, thereby incurring an additional level of stock margins, meaning higher prices. Mr Globologist franchisees will have full access the pre-existing supply lines.

Does Mr Globologist offer financing?

No. We do not provide financing; however, we do have a relationship with a third-party vendor who will assist you in obtaining the financing you will need.

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