Does Mr Globologist charge a call out fee?

No, Mr Globologist charges no callout fees. Usually, when an electrician is called out to a site to repair or replace a fitting or globe, a callout fee of a minimum of $80 would apply. Not when dealing with Mr Globologist. (*Minimum charge when work undertaken $40 plus GST.)

Does Mr Globologist charge a hourly rate for work?

No, in addition to the no-fee callouts and free installation work, Mr Globologist will not charge you an hourly rate ongoing work and services. We will charge you flat rates for the projects until work is complete or an hourly rate for “labour only” jobs.

Does Mr Globologist offer competitive rates for products?

Due to its buying power and long-term supplier associations, Mr Globologist purchases products directly from manufacturers and importers allowing us to offer lower rates, directly to our customers. Local electricians purchase their stock through electrical wholesalers and retails thereby incurring an additional level of stock margins, meaning higher prices.

Does Mr Globologist offer test and tag services?

Yes, Mr Globologist offers test and tagging services to businesses. Test and tagging is a generic name given to the process of visually inspecting and electrically testing in-service electrical equipment for personal safety. It is a necessary obligation required in the workplace to reduce the risk of electrical incidents.

Can Mr Globologist help me reduce my energy and maintenance costs?

Yes. With the right advice and globes for correct applications, Mr Globologist will save you money, improve cooling efficiency and lower maintenance and replacement costs. Our energy saving lamps use up to 80% less power for the same amount of light output which can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electricity bill.

Can Mr Globologist help improve my retail space?

Mr Globologist offers expert advice to help customise your lighting and increase retail sales. We help you select lighting that is well suited for the merchandise being displayed, the image the store wants to create, and other factors unique to a given setting. Lighting can make a bottom-line difference by creating an effective mini-environment for a given display, highlighting a carousel of impulse-purchase merchandise, bringing out the colour and texture of fabrics, or lending sparkle to crystal and jewellery.

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